Arrival Sampler #4

by Various Artists

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Arrival Recordings' acclaimed "Sampler" series is back with its fourth installment. In addition to a few label veterans, we've got a whole new crop of talented international artists to showcase here, the music of whom we are delighted to present on this uplifting, 8-track compilation.

The duo Blend & MH20 -- from Austria and Czech Republic respectively -- is a new addition to Arrival. Their track "Diamond Beach" quickly establishes a lush atmosphere with soothing pads and samples of ocean waves in the background. Well-structured synth riffs and changes in the bassline notes work beautifully together, and in the middle of the track, a supporting piano melody appears, which provides additional texture.

South African artist Andre Frauenstein, a label veteran, contributes "Alone". An array of intriguing sound elements introduces the song, and a firm beat with rougher synth stabs are added as it progresses. A delayed piano line comes into play in some parts, enhancing the soundscape.

Canadian artist Lessov is also a new addition to Arrival, here presenting his track "White Butterfly". Smooth pads and an enjoyable selection of percussion elements quickly find their way into the mix. A rather fascinating piano melody is lurking in the background, and in the break the theme lead is introduced, while flute melodies emerge below.

Reimu from China contributes to this sampler with "Wonderland". The track quickly establishes a hypnotic atmosphere with lush pads and a soothing bassline underneath. In the break, an excellent piano melody emerges, soon followed by the soft beat. This leads the track into its peak moment, where additional smooth synth arrays are introduced.

From Russia comes Sergey Alekseev, with "Summer Morning". A quite firm beat accompanied by a number of finely structured synth riffs and layers establish the main groove. Soon, a gorgeous melody, with that unmistakable summer sound, is introduced, and a unique main lead on top provides extra harmony.

"Moments Are Forever" from Slovakian artist Peter Illias is the 6th track on this sampler. Interesting arpeggio leads and background synth elements quickly establish a lovely atmosphere. The various synth effects as well as the bassline continue to maintain the harmonies and variety in the song.

Aerotek from Chile, also a new Arrival artist, gives us "Dancefloor Behaviour". A mesmerizing and groovy bassline as well as lush synth sweeps are the first things we hear. Later, new arpeggio melodies and additional sound effects contribute with more energy, while the synth stabs continue to heighten the harmonic level.

Finalizing this 4th Arrival sampler is American artist Ali Mahmud, with "Wishful Thinking". Ali has been a core contributor to Silk's monthly DJ events in Philadelphia for years now, so we are especially thrilled to have him represented here. In the first part of the track, we hear a gorgeous arpeggio lead accompanied with a great, deep bassline, and an enjoyable beat. In the break, additional notes are placed on the arpeggio lead while pads lines emerge below, resulting in an even more intriguing soundscape.


released September 29, 2011


all rights reserved



Monstercat Silk Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles-based record label founded in 2008 -- home of the best progressive house, chillout, and melodic electronic music. Proudly part of the Monstercat family.

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We believe in the therapeutic power of music, and in forging human connections through electronic soundscapes.
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